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Caribbean Dental Program Registration

Online Registration & Payment

Early-Bird Registration
Caribbean Dental Program uses the Plug N Pay server for secure transactions. All Registrations must be done with online payments using the website form below. The receipt, issued for payment received, must be presented to the Secretariat on arrival along with I.D.

Please note that delegates are requested to register before 31st March 2020 to receive the early-bird price as listed below. Registrants who register thereafter incur a 5% higher cost for logistical reasons.

Product DescriptionCost $BBD ( $US)Quantity
Exhibitors (single display)
$2,900.00 ($1,450.00 US)

Exhibitors (single display)


$700.00 ( $350.00 US)

Cost for an Additional Exhibitor

Full 5.5 Days Conference Cost

$1,500.00 ( $750.00 US)

Additional Exhibitor

Daily Cost

$400.00 ( $200.00 US)
Dentist - Full 5.5 Days Conference Cost $2,000.00 ( $1000.00 US)
Dentist - Daily Cost $550.00 ( $275.00 US)
*STAFF - Full 5.5 Days Conference Cost $1,000.00 ( $500.00 US)
*STAFF - Daily Cost $350.00 ( $175.00 US)

Half-Day Sunday 19th April

$350.00 ( $175.00 US)
Spouse/Escort/Full Social Events $550.00 ( $275.00 US)
Spouse/Escort/Daily Event TBC
Wednesday Symposium 'Rethinking Conventional Wisdom' & Sunset Cruise
Financial Literacy with Mr. Michael Lee Chin and Mr. Ralph Weekes
$400.00 ( $200.00 US)
Wednesday Symposium 'Rethinking Conventional Wisdom' ONLY
Financial Literacy with Mr. Michael Lee Chin and Mr. Ralph Weekes
$250.00 ( $125.00 US)

Full Registration covers the entire 5.5-day event and includes all the Congress’s Lectures, the entire “Social Programme*”, coffee and lunches. Delegates who do not want full registration can register daily and will be entitled to attend that day’s events (lectures, tea break & lunch).

Please note that half-day registrations are available: Morning sessions that includes lunch & coffee breaks are full day’s price; afternoon sessions without lunch are half price.

Spouses/Escorts Registration is limited to the social events. It does not include admission to lectures, convention lunches or tea breaks.

Staff includes: Dental Assistants, Nurses, New Zealand Type Auxiliaries, Students, Hygienists, Govt. workers and members of the public.

*Persons wanting to only attend one social event should contact the Secretariat as the cost per event varies.

Register via Telephone, Email or Mail