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A Highly Qualified Convention Faculty

Caribbean Dental Program - Lecturers

Convention Lecturers

Milan Somborac
Dr. Milan Somborac

Having been a do-it-yourself investor for over 50 years, the last 30 successfully, and outraged by the self-serving behavior of much of the financial industry, in 2017 Dr. Somborac launched the Monday Morning Millionaire Program to help people be productive, confident do-it-yourself investors.

Inventor of the TENAX DENTAL IMPLANT SYSTEM which was distributed in Canada, South Korea, and the Caribbean.

Published in the peer-reviewed dental literature

Earned a Fellowship in the AGD and was honored with memberships the International College of Dentists, Academy of Dentistry International and the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Has been an evaluator for Gordon Christensen’s Clinicians Report since 1978

In early youth, Dr. Somborac trained as a classical violinist and continues to play as an amateur.  He is the founding chairman of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts in Collingwood.  He enjoys outdoor activities in the Blue Mountains area including skiing (he is a qualified ski instructor), cycling, canoeing, and hiking. 

Monday Morning Millionaire Program  |  April 24, 2019 | 13:15 -  13:45
Cheryl Weekes
Dr. Cheryl Weekes

Dr. Cheryl Weekes currently serves in the capacity of Principal of The Barbados Community College (BCC) having previously served as the Deputy Principal. She has been an educator at this tertiary education facility for the past twenty-nine years and her valuable knowledge and experience is varied in the many fields of Allied Health and educational leadership.

In 1980 she started as an educator at one of Barbados’s secondary schools (Wakefield high School) before moving to Jamaica to study. On her return to Barbados she worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital before going to the USA to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. She completed her internship at Hinsdale Sanitarium Hospital, Chicago, USA where she qualified as a Phlebotomist and was also certified in histology. Subsequently returned to Barbados to work at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in disciplines such as Microbiology, Haematology, and Clinical Chemistry before moving on to the BCC.

Dr. Weekes also worked as a consultant and visiting lecturer at St. Georges Medical School in Grenada. She worked as the head of the department of Medical Laboratory Technology before moving on to assume the role of Senior Tutor in the Division of Health sciences at BCC. She was subsequently promoted to Deputy Principal in 2016 and Principal in 2017. During this period of time Dr. Weekes completed an MSc in Adult Education and Training from the University of Surrey, and subsequently a Doctor of Health from the University Of Bath, UK.

In 2006, Ms. Weekes worked with The Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) on an EU funded project as a Quality Management Systems Training Specialist where she assisted in performing Laboratory Quality audits in Jamaica, Bahamas, Turk and Caicos, Aruba, Suriname, St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Island, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Guyana, and Anguilla. In 2012 she was Consultant for a Quality Management System Costing Study that involved Belize and Barbados.

Dr. Weekes has a wealth of experience in the area of health having served on many regional bodies and committees. She is a healthcare practitioner, educator, consultant, and education administrator who is well able to speak on many areas in relation to the training of health care professionals both locally, and regionally.

Providing Training Opportunities in Barbados  |  April 28, 2019 | 08:30 -  09:45
Jason Hirsch
Dr. Jason Hirsch
Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Jason Hirsch is a pediatric dentist who resides and has a private practice in Royal Palm Beach in South Florida where he has practiced in since 2002.

He earned his DMD from Nova Southeastern and his pediatric certification from Miami Children’s Hospital. He also hold a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Toxicology from Columbia University. His practice philosophy revolves around practical prevention advice and procedures, continual change/continuing education and a patient centered approach that helps children learn to accept dental care.

Silver Diamine Fluoride:  The Game Change  |  April 27, 2019 | 08:15 -  09:30
Ms. Steff Le Mieux
Yoga Instructor

Steff Le Mieux origin is Montreal, Canada but now resides with her son in PARADISE (Sunny Barbados) where she teaches different types of yoga as will be demonstrated throughout the convention except on Saturday. She is married to her practice and is extremely passionate about teaching varying styles of relaxation cum exercise since she was a teenager involved in dancing that blossomed her love for yoga. She has been practicing and teaching for over 20 years and loves to see what the human body can do. Her teaching involves many aspects, all of which are beneficial to persons in the field of dentistry and include breathing for relaxation, healing of the body, bending to improve flexibility etc. A list of the format will be listed within the Convention Itinerary.

Outside of the convention, Stef teaches Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga where she is known as the “Mermaid”. This title is reserved for persons in love with the ocean and her quote is “Yoga is about union and this is accessible to everyone”

Yoga On The Lawn  |  April 23, 2019 | 07:45 -  08:30
Yoga On The Lawn  |  April 24, 2019 | 07:00 -  08:30
Yoga On The Lawn  |  April 25, 2019 | 07:00 -  08:30
Yoga On The Lawn  |  April 26, 2019 | 07:00 -  08:30
Yoga On The Lawn  |  April 28, 2019 | 07:00 -  08:30
Howard Farran
Dr. Howard Farran

Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, is a practicing dentist with more than 25 years of clinical experience, as well as a noted international speaker on faster, easier, more efficient dentistry. His area of expertise covers many aspects of dentistry, including the business of dentistry and clinical topics.

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Dr. Farran made the decision at a young age to become a dentist. To accomplish this, he did his undergraduate studies at Creighton University, and in 1987, he graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry. Upon graduation, Dr. Farran opened up his successful practice – Today’s Dental – in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Farran later went on to earn his MBA from Arizona State University in 1999. Dr. Farran has also earned his MAGD and DICOI. Dr. Farran has received multiple accolades, such as being named Alumni of the Year by the University of Missouri; receiving the Arizona Public Health Dentist of the Year Award; and receiving the Arizona Award from the Arizona State Dental Association for his efforts to fluoridate the water of Phoenix.

Dr. Farran is the Founder and CEO of Farran Media, LLC, the parent company of Dentaltown.com, Dentaltown Magazine, Orthotown.com, Orthotown Magazine, and the annual Townie Meeting in Las Vegas. Dr. Farran has authored hundreds of articles in dozens of professional journals, and has developed several educational video series on the business of dentistry. His most recent series, “Dr. Farran’s One-Day Dental MBA” shares his proven techniques to increase productivity and expand your business.

One-Day Dental MBA Clinical Course  |  April 25, 2019 | 08:15 -  09:30
One-Day Dental MBA Clinical Course  |  April 25, 2019 | 09:45 -  11:00
One-Day Dental MBA Clinical Course  |  April 25, 2019 | 11:00 -  12:15
One-Day Dental MBA Clinical Course  |  April 25, 2019 | 13:30 -  14:45
One-Day Dental MBA Clinical Course  |  April 25, 2019 | 14:45 -  16:00
Dr. Stace Lind
Dr. Stace Lind
General Dentist

Dr. Stace Lind has been in general private practice for 25 years in Centennial, Colorado. He also has two other practices at which he provides specialty services:

One in Downtown Denver and one in Salt Lake City, Utah. Stace graduated with his D.M.D. degree from the University of Louisville, Kentucky. He has since accomplished a diplomate status in Implantology, a certificate in Perio, completed an advanced cosmetic dentistry program at LSU, and a Prosthodontic training program. Stace completed a surgical residency at the University of Puerto Rico and is now a faculty member of the Puerto Rico AAID MaxiCourse.

Dr Lind is a Master Bee Keeper, Master Scuba Diver, and a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry. He has served as a Dental Board Member, an Instructor in Dental Materials at the University as well as instructor of Oral Pathology to the Dental Hygiene Students. He is on part time faculty at three Universities and runs the AGD Mastertrack course in Denver Colorado. Dr. Lind has lectured in 96 countries and 142 dental schools to date. Thanking you in advance for your attendance today.

Where the rubber meets the Road.  |  April 26, 2019 | 08:15 -  09:30
Where the rubber meets the Road.  |  April 26, 2019 | 09:45 -  11:00
Where the rubber meets the Road.  |  April 26, 2019 | 11:00 -  12:15
Needing an alignment in our practice  |  April 26, 2019 | 13:30 -  14:45
Needing an alignment in our practice  |  April 26, 2019 | 14:45 -  16:00
Willard J. J. Wallace
Mr. Willard J. J. Wallace
Computer Engineer

On 19/04/09 Mr. Willard J. J. Wallace presented at the CDP conference on Equipment Maintenance. It was so well received that past delegates have requested a repeat. His lecture was extensive including preventative checks to maintain earnings for any dental practice.

Mr. Wallace qualified in computer engineering with a degree from Bauder College in Florida. He subsequently qualified in microprocessor technology, digital circuitry, Laser technology, xerographic, and electronics. He has worked in the field of electronics and biotechnology for the past 30 years and has also undergone extensive training in all aspects of dental equipment repair and installation. Because of his versatility, he was contracted by Henry Schein International for the past 23 years, working throughout the Caribbean islands, The Bahamas, and Bermuda. This relationship continues to be both rewarding and mutually beneficial to dental providers.

Henry Schein is responsible for his attendance of Mr. Wallace who will lecture on equipment maintenance and will

Know your Dental Equipment  |  April 27, 2019 | 13:30 -  14:45
Know your Dental Equipment  |  April 27, 2019 | 14:45 -  16:00
Timothy A Brown
Mr. Timothy A. Brown
President and CEO

Mr. Timothy A. Brown, FRI, is based in Canada and is a recognized broker. He is President and CEO of Roi Corporation Brokerage which is the most experienced dental practice appraiser. His insights, research and experience in the field of dentistry has made him a highly sought after professional speaker and a respected author.

As a leading national authority in understanding and identifying the potential of today’s dental market, His company assesses dental, medical, legal and other professional practices.

He is author of “Profitable Practice – Why a Dental Practice is an Exceptional Investment” book whose 7th edition (2017) has over 7,000 copies in circulation. This book, is a potent reminder that dentistry can indeed be very profitable if the right steps are taken from the very beginning. He is also the Publisher of Profitable Practice Magazine and has established Locum Lifestyle ™ which promotes dentists who work in part-time assignments in dental practices. He is the founder of an equipment finance company called Ethiclease (www.ethiclease.com).

He has developed e-Valuation™; conceptualized and trademarked Investor Dentist™ and i-dentist™, for the growing market of third party buyers investing in Canadian dental practices.

He has done over 300 International speaking engagements including: Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association, Alberta Dental Specialists, International Dental Congress, Dental Society meetings, Dental Study Clubs, Canadian Dental Faculties and Alumni Associations and has written over 250 articles published in respected Canadian dental journals.

“What Is Your Practice Worth? “  |  April 24, 2019 | 13:45 -  14:45
Marketing Yourself & Your Practice  |  April 24, 2019 | 14:45 -  16:00
Luis Cuesta
Dr. Luis Cuesta
Dental Practitioner

Dr. Luis Cuesta runs his own dental practice in Zurich, Switzerland using a comprehensive dentistry approach. He graduated from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain in 1993. He has practiced dentistry in four countries (Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and has attended several continued education courses in orthodontics soon after graduation followed by a specialization curriculum in implant surgery and implant prosthetics. He gained his M.Sc. in oral implantology and periodontics at the Steinbeins Hochschule in Berlin, Germany, as well as restorative and aesthetic dentistry at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

He is an internationally recognized and much-sought-after lecturer who enjoys sharing his versatile techniques to enrich dental communities with inspired and unexpected results that can make sustainable change in patients’ lives. He has treated over 400 orthodontic cases and placed over 3,500 implants since he started his career in 1993.

His interactive lectures always include a sales and marketing approach with innovate and comprehensive ideas for patient’s needs. He has introduced the concept of smile engineering into his daily practice which combines photographic technique, software integration, facial proportions and dental aesthetics, to make winning smiles a reality. This is assisted with aligner orthodontics, cosmetic restorations, periodontics and/or implants using a well-rounded holistic approach throughout his treatment while integrating all disciplines of dentistry based primarily on minimally invasive periodontics to ensure an optimal state of oral and body health.

Conventions at which he has lectured worldwide included Dental Practitioners; orthodontists; coaches; consultants; speakers and entrepreneurs with emphasis on how to position their practices using conjunct techniques to achieve better branding and results.

He has been most successful in the corporate field bur loves photography, soccer, tennis, business marketing and development.

Digital Marketing For Dentistry. & Sales Funnels for Customer Acquisition  |  April 23, 2019 | 09:45 -  10:45
The Passive Dentist. What If You Can’t Practice Anymore?  |  April 23, 2019 | 10:45 -  11:45
(Antimicrobial Photo Dynamic Technique)  Laser for Periodontal/ Endodontic treatment  |  April 23, 2019 | 13:00 -  14:00
2D Smile Design Calibration with 3D Invisalign Clincheck  |  April 23, 2019 | 14:00 -  15:00
Ozone Therapy for Periodontal & Conservative Rx  |  April 23, 2019 | 15:00 -  16:00
Lauren Furbert
Lauren Furbert
Certified Dental Assistant

Lauren Furbert is a recently retired Bermudian Certified Dental Assistant who qualified in 1985 at The Nassau School of Medical and Dental Assistants, Hempstead, New York. For the past 31 years, she has first provided private and then public service to the dental community of Bermuda with her longest being in the public sector where she is currently employed as an Oral Health Educator within the Department of Health.

Lauren started her career with the Health Department in 1995 as a clinical assistant. In 1999 after battling with several health issues she resigned her post to give full attention to extensive cancer treatment. Upon returning home in the latter part of 2000, she was promptly reemployed by the Health Department as a clinical assistant.

In 2002 Lauren was promoted to the position of Oral Health Educator which required her to teach Oral Health Education to children ages 3.5 to 11years of age within the school setting. Her unique ability to tailor her lessons as a teaching tool for her students was quickly recognized and as a result, she was recruited to teach dental assisting at the Bermuda College. This course prepared Dental Surgery Assistants (DSA’s) who were already employed as well as those that were trained in-office and others who were new to the field. They were all desirous of meeting the requirements for employment under the new dental act which requires all assistants to be certified by a recognized certifying body. Under her instruction several young women have gained the DANB Certification. DANB is the American Certifying Board for Dental Assistants.

She is the proud mother of two daughters, one who is the mother of two active boys and is currently completing her legal studies while operating a consulting and event management business, and the other has been called to the Bermuda Bar for a year and is currently employed as an associate at Carey Olsen, an international law firm, where she is focusing on litigation. Even though she is retired Ms. Furbert continues to be a positive role model for her family by engaging in continuous education to maintain her DANB certification.

Training and Accreditation Can Fly for DSA’s  |  April 28, 2019 | 10:00 -  11:15
Training and Accreditation Can Fly for DSA’s  |  April 28, 2019 | 11:15 -  12:30
Dr. Emily Letran
Dr. Emily Letran
Genral Dentist

Dr. Emily Letran is a general dentist who owns two multi-specialty group practices in Southern California. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from UC Riverside (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in three years. She is a graduate of UCLA School of Dentistry (Dean’s Apollonian Scholarship) and received her Master of Science in Oral Biology from UCLA during the same four years.

As a mother of three, Dr. Letran creatively balances work, family life, after-school life and her personal life as a growing entrepreneur. She continuously takes courses to improve her skills to better serve her clients.

Dr Letran is the author of several books. She is also a Certified High-Performance Coach, dedicated in helping business professionals maximize their potential in personal and business life, streamline business and increase profits, winning back time from work so they can enjoy that time with their family, children and pursue their passion.

Dr. Letran is the founder of The Emily Letran Foundation, dedicated to providing basic dental care to veterans and families of disadvantaged background in her monthly Free Dentistry Day. Her Foundation is raising funds to attain a mobile dental unit where she can carry her services to outreached communities. The Foundation will also provide scholarships for high performance coaching to help business owners from disadvantaged background get a jump start in growing and accelerating their businesses.

No BS Dentistry : To Stress or Not To Stress  |  April 24, 2019 | 08:15 -  09:30
What To Expect When You’re Expecting”: Getting The Team To Do What You Want  |  April 24, 2019 | 09:45 -  11:00
Dr. Emily Letran Magnetic Marketing: “How To  Keep A Patient More than 20 Years “  |  April 24, 2019 | 11:00 -  12:15
Dr. Victor H. Eastmond
Dr. Victor H. Eastmond
GCM; BDS(Lon.); LDSRCS Eng.); DSR(R.)

Dr. Victor H. Eastmond is the Chairman of Caribbean Dental Program Inc. He qualified at the Royal Dental Hospital (RDH), University of London in 1974 and subsequently did house jobs at RDH and St. Georges Hospital in Maxillo-Facial Surgery before moving to Edgeware General Hospital as Senior House Surgeon. Nine months after graduating, he left the hospital post to work in a General Dental Practice in South London.

He returned to his native home, Barbados, in 1979 and retired in 2016. He and his wife still own the ten-chair dental practice at Rosedale Dental Centre with a complement of 30 persons working therein. The practice is currently being restructured with CBCT and is in transition with Human Resource, Clinical and Administrative managers.

In 1968 he gained his certification as a diagnostic radiography from the Royal Free Hospital, U. Lon. then in1998 he gained his certification in Forensic Odontology from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

He is a past Chairman of the Barbados Dental Council, the Barbados Examination Board for Technicians and later for Dentists; a past President of the Barbados Dental Association, the Caribbean Atlantic Regional Dental Association and the Commonwealth Dental Association. He has acted as a consultant for the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) to produce guidelines for accreditation for dental education within CARICOM. His term as a member of CAAM-HP was renewed in April 2018.

He has received many awards. In November 2007 he was honoured by the Bahamas Dental Association with “The Distinguished Service Award’ which was presented by the President of FDI, Dr. Burton Conrod. He has received The NLG Hope Award from the Barbados Dental Association and in November 2015 he received a National Award (The Gold Crown of Merit) for his work in the field of dentistry.
Although now retired, he continues to focus on continuing education such as CDP and to provide oral health lectures to schools and dental associations. He was recently appointed to The Sandals Foundation Advisory Board in November 2016.

Chair  |  April 3, 2018 | 06:00
Alvaro Ordonez
Prof. Alvaro Ordonez
Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Ordoñez is no stranger to lecturing at the CDP seminars having participated in both Antigua and Barbados. He has a wealth of knowledge which he really enjoys sharing in both the lecture room and/or individually. He comes from a well-known family of outstanding dentists and is the third generation in his family starting from his grandfather, then his father and now his sister and him. He is extremely proud of his family’s traditional love for dentistry.

He received his first dental degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá (Colombia) and served as a dental resident before his graduation at a hospital in Boyacá (Colombia); then he successfully worked for one year as a general practice resident in Cartagena (Colombia) at Blas de Lezo Hospital. When he came to the USA, he continued his studies at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston where he did a fellowship in Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders, Dental Occlusion and Facial Pain under the training of Dr Noshir Mehta, Albert Forgione and Harold Gelb in different techniques of conservative TMJ treatment. He also served as a clinical instructor at Tufts University in the Restorative Dentistry Department and was involved with medical research on an ongoing basis (Energex) while being a consultant for two companies: Tekscan and Neurodyne. He later became Co-chairman of the TMJ/Occlusion and Cosmetic Program at Lindsey Hopkins. Dr. Ordoñez is an implantologist with a diplomate, master and fellow of the international Congress of Oral Implantologists and got second place at the table clinic competitions in the ICOI congress in 2004

Although now retired from the university positions which he held, he continues to lecture nationally and internationally while acting as a consultant for major implant companies. It is worth mentioning that he taught at Nova South-Eastern University School of Dental Medicine as well as the University of Florida as an expert consultant in the area of facial pain and TMJ disorder and also at the V.A Hospital in Miami. He was a guest speaker on TMJ at the Jackson Memorial Hospital and was academically involved with different schools in South America. He enjoys being involved with many other projects while still finding time for his family and some sports. He is happily married to Martha and a proud father of Nicolas and Maria Clara. He is a lover of water sports such as: fishing, wind surfing, diving Kite surfing and surfing.

Integration of Digital Technology In Implant Dentistry  |  April 27, 2019 | 09:45 -  11:00
Integration of Digital Technology In Implant Dentistry  |  April 27, 2019 | 11:00 -  12:15