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Caribbean Dental Program - The Convention


The Caribbean Dental Program Inc. believes that all work and no play made “Jack a dull boy” and because of this, we have scheduled academia along with some social events with aspirations of keeping all delegates entertained in our stress-free setting and hopefully provide them with some local history and culture.

For visitors who require more information, this can be obtained when you arrive in Barbados at the Convention Secretariat or the Hotel Reception. Barbados is a much sought-after destination and has a lot of history including Admiral Lord Nelson’s statue in Bridgetown which was erected before the one in Trafalgar Square in London.

The convention venue is near our World Heritage Site of the Garrison Savannah where British soldiers were encamped many years ago but is now a horse racing track. Also, in that location are the Barbados Museum, The 50th Anniversary Monument; The underground tunnel and George Washington House. It should be noted that Barbados was the only place that George Washington ever visited outside of the USA. Delegates are encouraged to tour the island to appreciate our rich history. There are also many highly rated restaurants for those who would like to have a night out in close vicinity to the convention venue.

Caribbean Dental Program

Dentistry in Paradise Convention: April 23-28, 2019

Convention Details

Full information on this convention is provided throughout this website. In attendance will be exhibitors displaying an array of new products which we encourage delegates to view and purchase. The main goal of this meeting is to provide a high level of academia especially to local & regional members who find it difficult to travel to international meeting. All members of the Convention Faculty willingly share their knowledge to delegates in relation to our dynamic profession.

All-inclusive Convention Package

The convention is a totally all-inclusive package with academia, lunches etc. It is an attractive investment package within our national tourism convention-product which is expected to garner some financial benefits for our country while permitting our overseas delegates to take the opportunity to travel with their families and staff to enjoy the cultural and academic sections being offered. All fully registered delegates and lecturers can attend the social events at no additional cost but there will be a charge for other persons.

A Large Variety Of Topics

The large variety of topics will be of benefit to all members of the profession with updates on “Practice Management by Dr. Emily Letran”; “Photo Dynamic Techniques for Endo & Perio by Dr. Luis Cuesta”; “Silver Diamine Fluoride by Dr. Jason Hirsch”; “Dental Practice Valuation by Dr. Tim Brown”; “A Business Course by Dr. Howard Farran”; “Monday Morning Millionaire by Dr. Milan Somborac”; “New Peer-Reviewed Materials by Dr. Stace Lind”; “Use of digital technology by Dr. Alvaro Ordonez”; “Equipment Maintenance in The Dental Practice by Mr. Willard Wallace” and “Training, Qualification and Accreditation For Dental Surgery Assistants by Dr. Cheryl Weekes and Ms. Lauren Furbert”. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Organising Committee at (246) 429-4460 or by email.

The convention faculty will address a variety of topics that focus on improving delegates’ work ethics is in keeping with the theme of Stress Solutions. This includes in sequential order of appearance:

– Photo-dynamic techniques that will be addressed by Dr. Luis Cuesta of Switzerland and can be used in endo & perio. His lectures provide versatile, unique smile designs utilizing his own modern techniques.

– “Practice Management” by Dr. Emily Letran who originates from Vietnam and has authored “From Refugee to Renaissance Woman, Commit To Embracing Your Big Life”;

– Mr. Timothy Brown, a Dental Practice Appraiser and CEO of Roi Corporation in Canada will provide information on obtaining dental practices’ valuation. Roi Corporation is the sponsor for the Sunset Cruise which follows his lecture aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship.

– How to invest by Dr. Milan Somborac

– Dr. Howard Farran will present an all-day business course for all delegates. He is the Founder and CEO of Farran Media, the parent company of Dentaltown.com, Dentaltown Magazine, Orthotown.com, Orthotown Magazine, and the annual Townie Meeting in Las Vegas.

– Dr. Stace Lind will present an all-day peer-reviewed presentation on new materials that all general dentist should use. We are fortunate to have present Mr. Peter Alport, who can further discuss the materials at his exhibition table.

– Dr. .Jason Hirsch, a paedodontist will speak on Silver Diamine Fluoride which is new on the market and a game changer for prevention of Caries.

– Professor Alvaro Ordonez is a very well-known implantologist and TMJ consultant. He will address use of digital technology in implant planning, placement and restoration using CBCT and CAD/CAM.

– No dental practice functions without equipment and Mr. Willard Wallace will address simple ways to maintain functionality to allow dental practices to function economically.

– Because there is presently no training being provided for dental surgery assistants in Barbados, Mrs Lauren Furbert from Bermuda will enlighten them on ways that qualification and accreditation for DSA’s can be achieved. All dental surgery assistants and their bosses are invited.

It is important that dentists bring their office team so that the educational benefits redound to their dental practice. Abstracts of the topics and lecturers are on our website.

Full Registration

Full Registration covers the entire 5.5-day academic events and will include all the Congress Lectures, Opening Ceremony, the “Social Programme”, coffee and lunches. Delegates who do not want full registration can register on a daily basis but will only be entitled to attend that day’s lecture-programme inclusive of tea break & lunch.

The organising company cannot be held liable for any programme changes that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Cost is listed in both Barbados & US currency with currency conversion being 2.00 BDS = $1.00 US.

Caribbean Dental Program

Convention Highlights


CDP will provide credit hours certificates by monitoring the time spent by each delegate within the academic programmes and provide certificates accordingly. It is the responsibility of delegates to obtain their CE certificates from the Convention Secretariat before the conference concludes otherwise there will be a charge incurred for mailing it registered.

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