Tenth, November 2011, Conference

November 2011 Workshop in Barbados

It was decided to host the tenth annual CDP convention earlier and this was done at the Accra Beach Resort and Spa from Tuesday November 22nd to Friday 25th 2011. It incorporated a meeting & workshop with the Commonwealth Dental Association and the Barbados Dental Association . with the theme of the meeting being “Education, Abuse, Neglect and the Oral Care Practitioners”.

The Programme

The “Education” part of the programme included presentations by Mr. Noam Tamir, CEO and Chairman of “Smile-on Ltd” and Professor Stephen Lambert-Humble, Dean of Postgraduate Dentistry for Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS Deanery). It also included an on-line lecture featuring Dr Raj Rattan. This was the first time CDP was involved with Distance-Learning which informed delegates of the best practise in approaching continuing professional education. Such methods of disseminating education are now a reality that are of great benefit to colleagues who live in isolated areas such as the Caribbean. These benefits are especially important when attaining higher degrees, without being away from home and practice for long periods.

The “Abuse and Neglect Lectures” focused on children with some interest on adults. This topic is relatively new to the dental profession and generated much discussion. The extensive list of lectures included the legal fraternity , the child-care board, psychology department and three forensic dentists. National presentations were also provided to give statistical data and treatment modalities throughout the interactive sessions which gave an insight into the dilemma that faces the dental profession in recognising abuse/neglect. Delegates left with some practical hands-on experience in identifying bite marks and the protocols that should be followed in such cases.

The Workshops involved Bite-Mark Training followed by the setting up of Protocols.

BITE-MARK TRAINING commenced with an afternoon lecture on Thursday 24th November by Professor Herman Bernitz who is President of The International Organisation for Forensic Odontologists (IOFOS) and was the leader of the workshop. The importance of training all dental professionals in identifying bite marks and gather DNA evidence was stressed due to the frequency with which such events are occuring.

WORKSHOP was hosted on the final, day (25th November). After having lectures from the legal profession; Chairman of the Childcare Board; Forensic Odontologists and members of National Dental Associations who related their national “Abuse & Neglect” problems and protocols, a Commonwealth protocol was documented for cases of Abuse & Neglect.

Link to PowerPoint Presentaition of the 2011 Conference

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