Eighth CDP – 2010 Conference

Dentistry In Paradise

The Eighth Annual Caribbean Convention was hosted from 8th – 11th April 2010 under the auspices of Caribbean Dental Programs Inc. at the Grand Barbados Beach Resort.


The Convention had many highlights: –

  1. BOOT CAMP. World renowned Anita Jupp and LeeAnn Shipowick of Advanced Dental Education Institute (ADEI) ran the Dental Business BOOT CAMP on Saturday 10th April 2010. This camp was for all members of the profession who took responsibility for the success of their practice. Practitioners were encouraged to bring all of their staff to this session so that maximum benefit would accrue to their practice. Ms Jupp & Shipowick also lectured on Sunday 11th April 2010 on “Beating The Economic Crunch” and “The New Wave of Dental Hygiene”.
  2. IMPLANT DENTISTRY. Professor Samer Abi Nader of McGill University made presentations of general importance for all potential and accredited dental implantologist on Sunday 11th April. His programme was preceded by a presentation by Dr. Lindel Brookes on “Immediate Loading”.
  3. ORAL PATHOLOGY. Professor Crispian Scully, Dean of The Eastman Dental Institute (EDI) provided a series of insightful and practical lectures of great importance to all members of the dental profession on Thursday 8th April. His presentation was preceded by Dr. Adrian Richards, a local oral surgeon, who spoke on “Interesting cases in Barbados” and then by Professor Ryle Bell (Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs in the College of Dentistry at Howard University) who addressed “The Challenges of Oral Reconstruction”. Prof. Bell also spoke on “Dental Education Perspectives” on Saturday 10th April.
  4. ENDODONTICS. Dr. Shivaughn Marchan, a lecturer at the University of the West Indies Dental School, and  a graduate of EDI gave a presentation on Friday 9th April  related to her research topic entitled “Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth”.
  5. PAEDODONTICS. On Friday 9th April 2010, Professor George Thomas (the Director of the Postdoctoral Program in Paediatric Dentistry at Howard University) gave two important lectures on “Space Supervision and Management in a Growing Patient” and “Management of Dental Trauma in Children”.
  6. CONSERVATION Professor Edwina Kidd, head of the Conservation department at Kings College, University of Londonl gave two lectures entitled “Understanding Caries” and “The Role of the Operative Dentistry in Caries Control” on Friday 9th April.
  7. PERIODONTICS. Dr. Shaun Ramlogan, a lecturer at the University of the West Indies & graduate of EDI lectured on “Periodontics in Genteral Practice” and “Crown lengthening Surgery” on Saturday 10th April.
  8. PRACTICAL DENTISTRY. Dr. Aditi Desai, a clinical teacher at Kings College, University of London, gave a presentation on “Use of the Mandibular Splint for Sleep Apnoea” on Saturday 10th April followed by a workshop to demonstrate the correct manner in which such appliances must be designed and made.
  9. PHOTOGRAPHY. Mr. Ronald (Ronnie) Carrington lectured on “Photography, A Great Escape From A High Stress Environment” on Sunday 11th April. He provided delegates with hints on how to produce quality photographs while demonstrating his large array of slides of Barbados. His lecture depicted how photography can be used to relieve stress..
  10. SOCIAL. The social event was hosted at the Plantation Restaurant on Friday 9th April consisting of a dinner, drinks (all inclusive), a cultural show followed by dancing with music provided by some local artists. The other event was a garden reception hosted by Dr. & Mrs Eastmond at their residence.

COCKTAIL RECEPTION AND OPENING CEREMONY. The opening ceremony was an informal event that included speeches by Professor Ryle Bell and Professor Henry Fraser (Dean UWI Medical Faculty, Cave Hill Campus) and a welcome by the Hon. Irene Sandiford-Garner. Please see video.

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